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Why celebration and self gratitude is a must for mothers

Why celebration and self gratitude is a must for mothers
Everyone in this world is doing some form of work. We’re all running businesses or do jobs; working for companies. We all have our 9-5’s or 10-6. Well, everyone except for moms or in this case; especially supermoms.

We don’t have any 9-5? We have 24/7. That’s what. Although the world glorifies women who turn into mothers and have a special mother’s day; a day to purely celebrate the contribution of moms, somehow being a mom still remains an extremely underrated skill/job. It’s just very confusing how it works. Although to think of it, it has to do something with how the world perceives it to be a normal phenomenon.

But today, let’s forget that and the world. Let’s focus on you, supermom. The world may make you feel special for a day, but you deserve to feel special every single minute you take a breath.

That’s what I want to talk to you about today; one of the biggest lessons that we learn as we grow up is that; in the end, only we have got our own back.

We are responsible for our own happiness. Although we have people around us, they’re only meant to supplement the already existing happiness within us. The people around us should turn into our “want ” and not our “Need”, right?
Think about it.

As you turn into a mom and your life turns around, it’s a vulnerable space to be in and at that point, the need for attention and love reaches its peak. However, that becomes a pattern with us, and the next thing we know, our happiness and self-worthiness start depending on if others offer it to us or not.

But don’t let that be you. You’re beautiful and extremely special. It’s extremely important for us, supermoms to constantly shower ourselves with Self-gratitude; which means being appreciative of yourself, to celebrate who you are. Supermoms, who work day and night striving to achieve your dreams and still thrive to make your family a beautiful one by always pushing your boundaries. Hustling so hard, moving past your comfort zone to live the life you designed for yourself.

Sometimes, self gratitude and celebrating oneself feels kind of off-beat, unnatural, and even silly, at times. As in… why?

What you need to is to truly internalize the truth that;

“To be truly loved, one must learn how to love themselves first” &

“To receive, you must give first”

In this case, the magic begins when you give yourself all the gratitude that you expect from others.
I could start mentioning all the reasons WHY you deserve to be grateful to yourself and celebrate yourself, but I’m afraid the list would never end. Yet, I’m still going to remind you of all that you have done, to show you all the beautiful times that you have shone.
To show you how my eyes glow when I look at you.
Remember transferring all your beautiful looks to your kid?

Remember how strong you kept yourself during all the times you felt nauseous while you were pregnant?

Remember all the sacrifices you made while bearing your kid so that the kid (who you haven’t even met, yet) could come out extremely healthy?

Remember when you put in all the extra efforts to settle your financial life so you can provide for a baby happy and safe environment?

Remember all your efforts and forgiveness to build a powerful family and a successful passion for yourself?

Remember all the efforts you put in to ensure all your roles, responsibilities, and relationships after being a mom are all met?

If these aren’t enough reasons for you to truly be grateful to the person that you chose to be wonderful mom, for what else will you be? 🙂 ? 🙂

Self-gratitude and Celebration in your own life are like consciously pouring into your own well. It’s so incredibly important for you to do because the way you are, you give&give&give and pour out so much of love, care and affection that at the end of the day, you need to have some for yourself. It’s only fair, right? 🙂

For any mom to turn into a supermom, the mix of these two ingredients are so crucial because the more gratitude you express, the stronger you witness yourself becoming. You start feeling the change in your energy, drifting your mindset, ready to take on the world; becoming a super force.

Again, being the incredibly selfless human being that you are, you will instantly realize that practicing self-gratitude and celebrating yourself will only help you , to be able to give more out to those around you, by turning into such an exuberant personality.

Today, I begin the journey of gratitude and celebration by raising a toast and calling you out.

Thank you. Thank you, so, so, much for being the person you are and adding value to others life.
Love yourself. The more you do, the more you let the world experience your beautiful.

There will be times when doing it will be extremely challenging and rightly so & you may not want to lose out on your goal and compromise on being a supermom; by connecting with a coach who understands your need to
remain: Successful Inside & Successful Outside!

Have a beautiful day, Supermom.

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