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Super Mom – Thrive, not Survive.

Let’s think about this for a second.
Where are we all today in life?
What is it that most of us are doing wrong?
How is our model of life?

Hold on to these questions in your mind; they will be answered as we go forward with this blog.

One problem with the world today is that most of us are just living life by default and not focusing on a life of design. So, what do I mean when I say that?

Now, it’s not a secret that most people fall in the mediocre or poor category and there is only a small percent of people who make it to the top.

As human beings, we are born with a survival instinct. Our natural responses to surroundings are deep-rooted in our DNA which has been transferred by our ancestors over years together now. If you take a look back, way back, rather, you’ll realize that when human beings started to exist on the planet, for generations together, the only way we lived our lives was by the instinct of survival.

We used to fear for our lives and survive by protecting ourselves and just getting by how much ever food we needed to stay alive.

Now, generations later, those instincts pass on through our DNA. It is something which we have less control over in order to avoid the inheritance of the gene, but it’s fully in your power to make sure you make some changes in yourself to change how you’ve been wired.

Truth is, we seldom changed. We’re doing the same thing today, which is to survive. Somehow, when all our dreams and goals go unmet, we confide into trying to be “extra” grateful for merely being able to survive, right?

Most of us live life by default; Just a natural, normal way of getting by in life. We do our jobs, we earn our salary, we are moving forward however life takes us.

So how does the model of living life by design work, and how can you turn your life around from normal to incredible?

Living life by design is to be proactive and take some time out to craft out a life for yourself. Now, Crafting out life by no way indicated that you need to “know it all” in advance. Not at all. It’s about the understanding of where you are today and where you want to be in the future.

“The process in-between” is to be figured out as you go, to maintain the adventure that keeps us curious and excited in life. Life gets too boring otherwise, doesn’t it?
Human beings love certainty, but we also want uncertainty in our lives to keep us thriving.

A lot of us have the want to become successful in life but very few of us want to work on it, and in that process, we delude ourselves into believing that we prefer the minimalistic life and are okay with “Getting by”.

Sure, there are such people too. If you are one, although it’s not wrong, this blog simply isn’t for you. This isn’t a guilt trip, but simply me, respecting your priorities.

It’s for all of those mothers out there, who look to transform themselves into a supermom. The bridge between turning yourself into a supermom is simply to create one simple shift in your perspective and approach towards life. Which is;


What happens in the life of most moms is that, once you become a mom, it becomes very easy to lose track and perspective of what you wanted to make out of your life.

Not that you intend to, but the fact that being a mother although extremely challenging can become a convenient excuse/reasoning sometimes to fall behind your goals and plans for the future.

Although it does seem like a valid reason, at the same time, there’s always a part of us that always feels a void which keeps us from being happy. It’s not wrong either, after all, it comes out of the need to be known for something of your own. The want, to be our own person.

What does thriving really mean? How do we thrive?

“Thriving happens by striving for clarity”

Thriving means to be prosperous and to continue growing. To be in a state of prosperity and continued growth, it’s extremely crucial for us to set out a direction for ourselves.

There are a few things that need to be in a person for them to thrive;

1) Having clarity with your needs and letting go of yourwants
2) Living the passionate life of your dreams without compromise
3) Adding purpose to your life with a vision
4) Feeling the fulfillment of your potentials beyond challenges
5) Living a life without guilt
6) Taking ownership of your life

These 6 criterions separate people who thrive with those who simply survive.

When you have a great deal of understanding of your “what”, as in why are you even doing it in the first place; What’s the point that you’re trying to prove to yourself with this?
Then attaching your purpose behind it; What’s the message that you want to send? What impact does this have on your life if you do it? Then crafting a long term vision for yourself, what happens

in this process is that you walk into the battlefield with the weapons needed to kill the recurring seduction of the survival instinct in you. The seduction is basically of the comfort zone.
Do you know how our blankets in the morning start to feel “Super comfortable”, right during the time you have to get up to work?
Just like that, the comfort zone is highly seductive in nature.

If you’re confused, it’s to show the power of having clarity over these three things. It’s extremely easy for a person to drift apart from their goals each time there’s going to be a tough challenge coming on your way. Without clarity, it’s easy to feel victim and fall of the track that you’re laying out for yourself to thrive.

Surviving is what most of us settle for, but you, supermom, you’re different.

Which side are you going to choose?

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