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Why having a change within you is important?

Let’s face it. Filling in the role of a mother is one of the most fulfilling ones, but also at the same time; Living life as a new mom isn’t exactly most flattering. It comes in with a lot of duties and an exerting force pushing you massively out of your comfort zone. You’ve lived your life in a certain way all the other years of your life.

While you already know that, the reason why I mention this is because of what happens to you in the journey entering into motherhood. While you beautifully evolve as a person, becoming your most giving, loving self, it’s also an integral part of the journey where it’s so easy for you to mistake yourself in and get trapped.

Up until the day you became a mother, you had a certain level of independence. After you become a mother, a lot of responsibilities kick in which also brings about a sense of dependency. The excessive work and burden coming in from all different areas, we start developing an emotional coping mechanism., often out of feeling helplessness you know?

We often feel sorry for ourselves in this journey, feeling that the world has conspired against us and get drenched in the fountain of self-love & by self-love I mean toxic self-love.

It can feel very comforting to let go of the fact that your life and your destiny is in your hands and the fact that you can position yourself in a place where you get to feel like a constant victim all the time. But, all for what? It all starts from merely wanting to feel more supported and loved, till you feel you can’t receive it until you
showered it on yourself. Toxic Self-love simply happens to be the easiest medium.

Okay, to be lighter on you, it doesn’t necessarily mean all the time, there could be certain “levels” of categories of people. But if you did a good self-analysis, you’d know at which level you stood on.

In your journey to becoming a supermom, It’s your responsibility to own up to your stance and make the call to change.
A change doesn’t have to be a total lockdown of everything you do in life. There’s no reason to be intimidated by change but rather start with mentally conditioning yourself. If you’re capable of doing it alone, that’s great.

If not,
Transformation coaching works holistically on you as a person and gives you an overall perspective shift, which will happen purely within you, by your effort and thought.

So let’s get a bit deeper into the change,
What is it that we need to break out of?
It’s about our way of attaining gratification.

Human beings either work hard to gain gratification or create a victim zone for themselves to gain gratification out of pain.
It all comes down to our belief systems and how we understand our patterns and learn to break out of them.

In terms of what commonly comes in between our journeyto excelling in our personal and professional life, it’s the usual mental conflicts onto how because of someone, our potential isn’t getting realized. To put it in a nutshell.

A journey to change can only begin through self-awareness. It’s important to start with awareness.Once you become aware, you have the stance and a purpose that something needs to be done.

Before the actual action of change, it’s important to start conditioning your mind into understanding that it’s going to be challenging, but fruitful.

Thought -> Emotions -> Actions

That’s the three-step understanding of how actions work. It’s vague to some extent, but it’s a good place to start with.

Understanding that your thought reflects your actions, you stand between two choices to make. It’s either you decide to submit to your beliefs or to stand up to them and recognize the fact that they exist.

Once you can accept them, you can work on changing it. In that process, change happens to you, working wonders on you.

In life, everything starts with “You”. For your external world to get fixed, your internal world needs to be nurtured.

So today, it comes down to one question.

Are you willing to rise up to the occasion and turn into that supermom you’ve always dreamt of?

Are you willing to take a step down, be vulnerable, and harness the power of a coach in your life?

Remember: One life transformed can transform hundreds of lives around them. You transforming yourself by default means you’re undergoing the process of instantly impacting everyone else around you. All of it, by simply being your best self.

Sounds like a fair deal to me. What about you?


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