Your Simple & Handy, Four-Step POWER SUCCESS FORMULA to Live the Life of your Dreams with Abundance of Love and Inspiring Power Balance within a short span of two actionable months.


Book Description

Motherhood is a beautiful journey of Immense Love. Yes, giving birth to a child is an eighteen years of long-term commitment journey that shapes both the parent and the child for their entire life. Should that mean, eighteen years of unbalanced lifestyle, sacrifice, postponing dreams for mothers? Should mothers take a second seat putting off their wishes in their overwhelming responsibilities of motherhood? Not necessarily. 

Every beautiful mother’s soul also has its own life’s journey, a purpose, needs and aspirations beyond their defined responsibilities. Can a mother really have a well-balanced powerful personal and successful passionate professional life together with peace? Of course, yes!

D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E is a non-fiction self-help book with a simple and handy four-step POWER SUCCESS FORMULA to transform the lives of mothers with experiences for a better way of living. It helps mothers to create awareness of their challenges and its deepest roots to shift their way of approach towards their life. It enables them to push themselves out of their comfort zone to understand and break their fateful boundaries to breathe freedom of choice through their actions. Now, Am I going to introduce you to a divine angel through this book to change your life for good? GO DATE WITH FATE and see what happens within two actionable months!

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Who is this book for

First-time mothers who desire a change without leaving it a chance to fateful life, mothers who wish to lead, by example, the life of their dreams without compromising their passionate professional life for a family or vice versa. It is for mothers in need of an empowered lifestyle to create their own identity with clarity, focus, and courageous decisions.

Book Reviews

Loved reading every bit of the beautiful journey of a mother who with her vigor and durability has not only learned to be a perfect mother but an author par excellence. The journey personally inspired me of how paramount it is to accept the turmoil and negative emotions of life and yet not let the milk remain spilled.

She, very aptly, explains in her book how if not born great, yet with the toughness, can master and thrust upon greatness in career and motherhood at the same time. The Triggers and Responsibilities of her journey and how she overcame is the highlight of the book. The creativity and inventiveness of her emotions and deciding to write such an innovative inspiring story sends the heart and brain the waves of ingenuity. Thank you Ishwarya for inspiring us.

Dr. Mehak A Malik Ph.D.Clinical Psychologist

I wish to share about this wonderful book DATE WITH FATE, authored by Ishwarya Lakshmi. When I heard the title of the book as DATE WITH FATE, I was surprised. Who wants to go date with fate?! Nobody would want to as we have always referred FATE as painful thing in our life’s journey. But when I read the book and the message that it is talking about like
a) How we should incline ourselves to become responsible towards our life to overcome all our challenges
b) How to tackle our own emotional dramas
c) How are we playing a victim card in front of others and so on.

I was able to learn many new perspectives towards life. I would surely recommend every woman and every mother to read this book. The best thing about this book is, you can use it like a handy guide to refer to when you need a guidance to handle yourself or your life situations well. The self-interrogation and strategies mentioned in the book explains in detail about how to overcome all our fears and anxieties. Finally, Ishwarya Lakshmi has just touched my heart with her book.

Ms. Jyothi Srinivas Media professional

D.A.T.E with F.A.T.E is a comprehensive manual written by Supermom Ishwarya Lakshmi. It brings me so much joy to see her unleash this book as she has put her heart and soul into it. She has vulnerably shared her story which will resonate deeply with mothers who have gone through or even going through Post-Partum Blues/Depression. It is a tasty package of POWER LEARNINGS, delivered in flavourful bites laced with plenty of crunchy acronyms and crispy formulas. A mini NLP course for Moms almost. I love the book! A definite 5 star in the self-help realm for Supermoms.

Dr. Karthika Kalimuthu MD -Life Coach | Vision Board Doctor | Podcaster Founder The Laugh Sing Dance Story

D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E is a book with an abundance of positivity and self-renovating power success formula. The book helps every woman in unleashing their inner potential so that she can enjoy her life to the fullest while balancing the family and professional life. The author, Ishwarya has nailed the learnings from her life in a very descriptive, relatable, and effective way, making the reader flip every page wanting more. Ishwarya has taken that extra effort to compile a workspace for every chapter which can be downloaded and used for tracking the progress in life. She has put in enormous effort to bring the best values and learnings to influence the life of readers in a better way. A must-read for every mom!!

Dr.Abinaya Vijayakumar Author of the Bestseller book "OMG! I AM A MOM NOW"

"A SHIFT-creating Book by Ishwarya" Ishwarya has penned down the words very awesomely to articulate her thoughts very well. Truly an amazing way to put forth - as to
- How one should "not" blame anyone - How a mother can face problems which she just cannot share with anyone and as a result, people become judgemental towards her
- How to take responsibility of your own life
- How to "Transform yourself" and come out of the challenges

This book is a recommended read for all the pregnant mothers, who are about to become Great Moms. This book will help them know how to connect with their inner self and face challenges in their life without leaving a chance to fate!

The Acronyms are So well Crafted and give a stamping to the Quality of the book.

Also, the worksheet is aptly done to aid the moms.

Snehalata Borkar st Generation Entrepreneur, Soul's Purpose Manifestor (Bio-Transformer), Wealth n Success Advocate

Ishwarya Lakshmi an epitome of empowerment. Challenges, obstacles and problems are a part of life, wherein several women breakdown or grapple with it in discouragement and grief all their life! DATE WITH FATE book not only teaches us to solve them in every step but also breath freedom to explore life energetically and enthusiastically.

a)Learning to accept resistance,
b) Resolving it step by step and bouncing back with positivity
c) Holding the zeal to move ahead to achieve a blissful and content life

All the learning from Ms.Ishwarya. Our highly efficient coach makes the journey filled with pleasure beyond embrace. Her easy and doable strategies helps us to make productive decisions, with a focused future to uphold the continuity of life with joy and peace.

Gradually we begin to multitask effectively with the power that we have built mentally and emotionally in the process. It eventually results to a superior qualitative life. The overall feel is so overwhelming.

Sneha Arora An online fitness Instructor, Bangalore

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    Order your Copy of  DATE with FATE Now!