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Webinar Time: 08:30PM IST

Date: 21st NOV 2020

Ishwarya Lakshmi is a POWER SUCCESS coach for purposeful living and emPOWERment coach for Super Moms. She is an Author of the book ‘D.A.T.E W.I.T.H F.A.T.E’. Experiencing motherhood and its challenges enabled her to witness her higher abilities and major purpose of life. She believes every person has a potential to create their ever-dreamt destiny irrespective of the challenges they encounter in their life journey.

Her mission is to help 5000 mothers to lead, by example, the life of their dreams with abundance of love and inspiring power balance in the next five years.   

She believes, “The ever-best help you can get instantly from someone during all-times of your life is, YOU. Yes! If you can strongly connect and rightly tune your inner voice with trust, it can do wonders for you in every aspect of your life”