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I, Ishwarya Lakshmi, your POWER SUCCESS COACH for Purposeful Living and an emPOWERment Coach for Super Moms. Experiencing motherhood and its challenges enabled me to witness my higher abilities and major purpose of life. After working in IT for a decade, I passionately gave up my high-paid job to live my mission is to help 5000 mothers to lead, by example, the life of their dreams with abundance of love and inspiring power balance in the next five years.   

I believe every mother has a potential to create their ever-dreamt destiny irrespective of the challenges they encounter in their motherhood journey (breast feeding, relationship issues, imbalance in lifestyle, traumas, victimised life, and so on). Mothers need not always choose to compromise Motherhood for a Passionate Profession or vice versa. Both can go hand-in-hand with peace and contentment.

Through my POWER SUCCESS coaching, I focus on co-creating POWER SUCCESS OUTCOMES for my clients which will help them understand their potential learnings beyond their challenges in life and help them rewrite their future with a strong purpose, happiness, fulfilment and peace.

The ever-best help you can get instantly from someone during all-times of your life is, YOU. Yes! If you can strongly connect and rightly tune your inner voice with trust, it can do wonders for you in every aspect of your life. I wish to be your go-to person if you seek an emPOWERment through strengthening your ability to connect with your divine voice, aligning your needs with clarity, finding the purpose to nurture your journey and enabling you to equip yourself to live the voice of your dreams.

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Imperfectly Empowered Mom’s

Imperfectly Empowered Mom’s

What do you expect out of yourself while playing the role…

Super Mom – Thrive, not Survive.

Super Mom – Thrive, not Survive.

Let’s think about this for a second.Where are we all today…

Why having a change within you is important?

Why having a change within you is important?

Let’s face it. Filling in the role of a mother is…

Why celebration and self gratitude is a must for mothers

Why celebration and self gratitude is a must for mothers

Why celebration and self gratitude is a must for mothers Everyone…

Moms Postponing Dreams Since, Forever!

Moms Postponing Dreams Since, Forever!

Motherhood isn’t easy. Motherhood calls for compromises and sacrifices when circumstances…

Overthinking vs inquisitiveness

Overthinking vs inquisitiveness

Firstly, Thank you. Thank you for being who you are, thank…


I am Chitra Viswanath, House wife & a Pranic Healer. I had many inner unanswered questions & felt stuck in my life. At this point I got an opportunity to meet & take coaching from Ishwarya. She trusted in me & helped me. With her patience & friendly support the journey was rather easier for me. Now I feel my life have taken its path & am moving forward. Now I never ever feel stuck in my life. She helped me in many ways that now am able to stay calm even in a not so favourable situation, learnt to be grateful for what I have. Now I am leading a healthy & happy life & also am able to take care & support my daughters in a better way.
Thanks to Ishwarya for trusting in me & helping me out.

Chitra Viswanath

Pranic Healer

Hi, I am Uma Rajeswari, working as Administrator at present. The life course itself is a ten week program and each week has its own tasks to do and every week you will learn techniques by applying the tools. So in that way, I have been seeing myself with an in-depth transformation and my thought process have been refined since then. My intuition has been activated. I’m giving the best approach while doing my activities. These qualities are possible in me because of Ishwarya. She is a lovely lady, very Friendly and easily approachable. She is the expert in the field and has wider knowledge to share. She gives us the real-life stories which helps us to accompany the tasks and gives more perceptions into why we are doing few things in a certain way. Further she helps us gain the awareness of what would be the benefit we would achieve by going through these processes. It is an amazing experience. My inner journey was immense because of her coaching. I am representing the techniques which she had shared with me as a golden wand and I am applying the wand whenever it is necessary for me. She has led a strong foundation in me through this course and I am going to be using it forever. I recommend her coaching to my friends and family.

Uma Rajeswari


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Aspire to lead life by example to inspire millions

Living your life with your full potential is your birth right. From relationships to career, the backbone for a highly successful life is clarity in all your actions and intentions.

This is an EXTENSIVE program for anyone to redesign your life through the strategies of POWER SUCCESS by strengthening your ability to connect with your divine voice, aligning your needs to take empowered decisions in life and finding the purpose of your life.

The first step is to Fill the ‘INVITE ME FOR A CLARITY CALL’ FORM. No strings attached, this is for us to see if we are a good fit for each other. Your commitment to change your life has to be intense to witness your true abilities sooner. THE BEST TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

Then if you are ready for me to help you master your best self, we will start one on one coaching:

  • 4 sessions per month
  • 45 min sessions
  • 12 Sessions Program
  • Three months of Free Support and Guidance

Not sure if you need my help?

‘emPOWERment’ Coaching for Super Moms 

Thrive, Not  Survive

Empowered mothers creates happy families and inspired children.The objective of this program is to empower mothers to breathe Inner self-Freedom and enjoy happiness through daring actions and self-awareness without compromising their routine responsibilities.

Should a mother need to compromise her life style and dreams for her multiple roles and responsibilities in life? Should her passion wait until her kids grow up? Never! Act now to set yourself free from these myths.

Don’t just manage life and work and be stressed ever! Thrive to POWER BALANCE your routine with clarity and right emotional flows to live your dreams without compromising your responsibilities.

This is a power packed ONLINE program for mothers who intend to take right actions in life.  You will get different perspective towards life, tools and lessons on how to build your self-image, clarity, courage, consistency and let go off your limiting beliefs.

You will also leave with a clear ACTION PLAN on how to work on yourself deeper to break all your barriers and breathe true emotional freedom.

Looking for one-one-one or group coaching? Fill in the EMPOWER ME form and choose your intended service in the drop down while submitting the form.

Not sure if you need my help?

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